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Worst To Best Girlfriends – According To Their Zodiac Signs

    Are you curious about your current job? This astrological ranking makes it easier to determine which zodiac signs make the best girlfriends and which could use some work. See where your star sign ranks!

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    Because Virgo women are meticulous and methodical in everything they do, they work hard to ensure that their relationships are equally so. That behaviour is driving their partner insane.

    They will instruct them on what to wear and how to keep themselves clean and neat while they are in their presence. A Virgo will not get along with someone who holds a different opinion.

    Her greatest flaw is undoubtedly her self-doubt. As she strives for perfection, she has become her harshest critic. There is always something about herself that she feels is lacking in her mind.

    Because of the harm done to her self-esteem, she requires her partner’s constant reassurance and approval, which can become tiresome after a while.

    As a result, Virgo females are prone to envy. They are obsessed with knowing where their partner is and how much time they spend apart, despite the fact that this does nothing to strengthen their relationship.


    Date a Scorpio woman if you’re willing to put in the time to get to know her. Their tough exterior belies a gentle spirit, but appearances can be deceiving.

    It’s in their nature to micromanage every aspect of their lives, including the development of their relationship. They are aware that it is their greatest flaw, but there are times when they simply cannot control themselves.

    When it comes to choosing a partner for a committed relationship, they have high standards and will not accept anything less than perfection.

    They are not the type to settle for second best, so if a man wants to be with a Scorpio, he must up his game.

    Their honesty is both a strength and a weakness. Many people simply cannot bear the truth.

    That is why a Scorpio woman requires someone tough who welcomes honesty, no matter how harsh.


    Aries females are notoriously impatient. She has no time to waste; she wants everything and she wants it now.

    As a result, things in her relationship move quickly.

    She likes to feel in command and as if she has the final say in everything.

    She is very dominant, which is why she requires someone who is diametrically opposed to her in order to maintain the relationship.


    A Taurus woman is the archetypal strong, independent woman; in fact, she rarely asks a man for assistance or advice, making men feel helpless in her presence.

    Taurus prefers to build things gradually, so they do not rush into things. Men who take them for granted or play mind games with them are quickly dumped by women.

    She wants a guy who initiates communication, both by phone and text, and who genuinely wants to spend time with her. She gives as much warmth as she receives, both in terms of warmth and icyness. She has no intention of pursuing anyone.

    Despite her big heart, she never lets it get in the way of her mind or her gut. As a result, she has no enemies.


    Women born under the Cancer sign are known for their extreme sensitivity. She has an exceptionally tender interior to the world.

    There is no ambiguity in her feelings; she expresses herself openly and clearly.

    When she’s committed, she goes all in. If she cares about someone, she will go out of her way to help them. She will go to great lengths to show her love for them.

    The issue is that in her zeal for her beloved, she may lose sight of herself.

    As a result, she loses her independence and develops an unhealthy reliance on the other person.

    She is so afraid of being alone that she smothers the person she is with in overly affectionate or, in extreme cases, jealousy displays.

    A Cancer woman can be the best or worst girlfriend imaginable, depending on her emotional maturity and self-control.


    Her confidence shines through. She believes that for a relationship to be successful, both people must have strong personalities.

    She prefers not to be handed things, but she enjoys the thrill of the chase and isn’t afraid of being pursued.

    The issue is that she keeps choosing the wrong men.

    She prefers players who exude self-assurance and charisma. She’ll be confident in her ability to win or change the rules of the game to suit her preferences. But, as we all know, that never works.

    Not only do Leo women make excellent girlfriends in general, but they also have a tendency to make rash decisions. They typically target men who prefer to date on the side rather than be seriously committed.

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