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      High school sweethearts, my husband and I were both introduced to the exciting life of "Estate Sale Saturday" by his parents.  The exhilarating rush of finding a great bargain after waiting patiently in line for an hour are some of our most fond memories.  We have always enjoyed the chase of a treasure hunt and learning about Antiques, Important Jewelry and Fine Art fascinated us both.  We could never learn enough.

       While we were finishing our respective college degrees in Illinois, we experienced the unexpected loss of his mother.  Unfortunately, less than 6 months later, his father also passed without warning.  Facing a tremendously painful and overwhelming situation, my husband was tasked with being the Executor of his parent's Estate.  During this challenging process, we soon realized an Estate Sale would be required in order to liquidate the large amount of valuable items his parents had spent a lifetime together collecting.

       Despite our best efforts, we were unable to find a company that exhibited the required combination of being trustworthy, affordable and professional.  After realizing we would be forced to wait at least one year for the only company we were interested in running the sale, we both decided to stage the sale ourselves instead of continuing to incur almost $1,000 each month in combined storage fees for another year.

     Surprised by our success and empowered by the large amount of well-wishers and compliments, I decided to enter the business full-time after returning to Illinois while my husband soon accepted a professional position as a Chief Operations Officer for a sustainability firm.

       Over the course of 4 years, I worked directly with the premier Estate Sale company in Illinois and was fortunate enough to assist with facilitating numerous sales that grossed well over $50,000 in a single weekend.  During this period, I earned invaluable professional experience in every essential area imaginable (item research, advanced staging techniques, taxes and licensing obligations, full accounting summaries, excellent customer service, contract negotiations, advertising, etc.) and developed the true passion I now possess for helping families through what are often stressful periods of their lives. 

       Russell and I joined forces in 2016 to establish a family business that enables us to work together towards our shared mission of helping people through whatever transition they may be facing.  Our sincere focus on excellent quality of service and a proven philosophy based on delivering a personal touch only possible through a combination of experience and compassion set us apart from most other companies.  Our entire team's dedicated approach to providing our Clients with the highest level of satisfaction will always be our top priority.  

- Laurie Martin: Owner of Ms. Museum Estate Sales