Our clients love us. We always strive for excellent feedback and our entire philosophy is based on innovation rather than imitation. We spend time to listen so that we are able to develop the most effective custom solution for your specific project. Please read a few of the testimonials below provided by our previous clients and see why the team at Ms. Museum Estate Sales remains Colorado's #1 choice.



“Honesty really matters in this business”

My husband and I called a few other companies but we decided to go with Laurie and her team. Our concerns about receiving a full and accurate accounting that I would be able to share with the other beneficiaries were put to rest after seeing how far they would go to remain transparent and accountable. The final report summary was very easy to understand and we loved the full accounting report so we could see how much every one of our things sold for. Thanks for everything guys.

— M.T. and R.T. (Denver, Colorado)

"Professional from start to finish"

From the first call to Laurie we felt more confident and relaxed about the entire situation. When every other company told us that it couldn't be done in less than a month, they were able to do it in only 2 weeks!  After speaking with other options our family was really disturbed to find out that most of the other companies in Northern Colorado charge anywhere from 45%-50% of the final total. It was a big relief that we found Laurie and her team since their commission rate is fair and in-line with the industry standards across the United States. The amount of service features and professionalism they offer for the price can’t be matched. We are extremely satisfied with the final payment and will definitely recommend them to anyone who asks. They are THE BEST in every way possible.

— K.C. (Greeley, Colorado)

“When I needed someone, they were there”

When our Mom passed away unexpectedly and I was put in charge of clearing out the house for a quick sale, I had no clue about how to handle such a large job in such a short time frame. We had no idea where to start but luckily our Probate attorney recommended Ms. Museum Estate Sales to our family. Laurie met with me and my sisters personally and walked us through the entire process. She answered every question we had and was really helpful through the whole process. There are lots of companies to choose from here in Colorado, but it's nice to have someone helping us who has been through this herself and can empathize instead of just looking to make a profit off my family. Unlike Ms. Museum, it seems like the other companies are expensive, inexperienced people who started a business hoping to make huge profits instead of offering compassionate service. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and help during a hard time for everyone Laurie.

— D.M. (Windsor, Colorado)

“Best choice without a doubt”

I visited the website first and saw the huge difference between their site and everyone else. Their attention to detail online definitely carried over to the Estate Sale. Dad's house was pretty cluttered and when they were done no one would have ever known. The sale setup was really nice and the heavy traffic actually helped us to sell the house for more than the original asking price. After the sale they even helped me to coordinate some donations for additional tax deductions. Two thumbs way up!

— S.A. (Fort Collins, Colorado)