Smart Sale™

By inserting QR Codes throughout our events, our shoppers can efficiently "connect" with your items or other desired information points by leveraging technology to better educate, advertise and sell your entire inventory.  Please review some of the examples below for a idea of how we tailored our Smart Sale™ features to effectively engage and inform every shopper to the highest degree possible.  


Learn More™ Links

There are many times during a sale where a shopper may not fully understand the value or significance of the item they are viewing.  Using active QR Code links found directly on the price tag, our shoppers can quickly reference current retail & aftermarket prices in addition to detailed information regarding history or provenance.  Our ability to customize readily available information from multiple sources relating to your Rare Treasures guarantees your keepsakes receive the right kind of attention and highest price possible. 

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Real Time Updates

We greatly value the time and safety of our shoppers.  We are the only Estate Sale company in Colorado that offers Real Time Updates to keep our shoppers informed of any unforeseen changes or adjustments.  Using this system allows us to communicate anything from a serious weather event that may postpone or cancel an event for the day to something as useful as suggested detours for avoiding an unexpected traffic delay.  

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Instructional Videos

Depending on the inventory and specific situation relating to your event, there are many benefits to including easy-to-access instructional videos for certain processes our shoppers may be unfamiliar with. Whether it be a fun video outlining our guidelines for BID Items or a short presentation designed to explain the rules for the HOLD AREA, multiple shoppers can simultaneously access the information and find the answer they were searching for with the quick click of a button on their phone.