Premier Pricing™



We are always searching for new ways to improve the ineffective pricing models adopted by many other companies.  Instead of relying solely on "personal experience", we utilize an industry-first assessment tracker called Premier Pricing™ created solely for use by Ms. Museum Estate Sales.  This proprietary digital pricing tool enables us to easily reference the actual SOLD price of every item from previous Estate Sales we have completed in addition to real-world prices registered daily across the online global market (Ebay, Amazon,Worthpoint).  By maintaining a digital database where this important information can be stored within readily accessible categories and later referenced to determine the most current pricing index for the item in question, we are able to efficiently access local, regional, domestic and global results within moments for the majority of more common household items with a value of less than $500.  We are the only company in the entire industry with access to this intuitive database.


If an item similar to yours has been sold online or at one of our Estate Sales in the past year, our program will automatically capture and organize that specific data for in-depth pricing analysis.  Whether we are appraising a set of lawn chairs or your finest family heirlooms, guessing or blind estimation will never be part of the equation.  Most importantly, this predictive tool provides the most accurate appraisal possible for a significant majority of your liquidation project and expedites the pricing stage by referencing the current SOLD data for your item during the previous calendar year.  There is no more powerful, predictive or effective tool for pricing and you will only benefit from (and contribute to) this database by choosing the professional team at Ms. Museum Estate Sales.