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If your Estate Sale or Liquidation project contains items of significant value, it is very important to consult with a licensed & certified appraiser to achieve the most accurate assessment of the item's current worldwide market value and suggested path towards achieving the highest possible purchase price.  Over the course of almost eight years in the Estate Sale business, we have forged strong connections with many of the top appraisers in the United States.  

We are proud to offer all of our clients full access to our network of licensed professionals in fields ranging from Native American Jewelry and Artifacts, Fine Art, Fine Jewelry, Military, Automobiles and ATVs/Boats/Motor Homes, Asian Collectibles, Farm Equipment, Middle Eastern Weavings, Firearms and Antique Books.  Instead of investing your valuable time to search out and pay for consultations with local "experts" who have no legal accreditation, turn that task over to us and allow our National Network of highly qualified appraisers to determine the true value and most appropriate method of securing an impressive financial return on your cherished investments.  This wonderful service is offered to all of our clients at no additional cost and saves them anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the number of valuables requiring an expert assessment.  If any of your valuables are similar to the samples shown in the slideshow playing above, rest assured that our team will bring in the experts and maximize your result.