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Best Technology for Real Estate Agents

    Best Technology for Real Estate Agents

    Consider one of the challenges you face in real life. It’s likely that there’s an application or some other piece of technology that can solve the problem entirely, or at the very least make it simpler to handle. The same may be said for your professional life in real estate. Technology has the potential to make your life easier and boost your productivity when you are a busy agent who is pressed for time and maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed.

    On the other hand, sorting through all of the available choices and deciding which ones to implement may be an extremely time-consuming process. How do you tell which technological advancements will genuinely be beneficial to you and which ones will be a complete waste of your time? In order to get an answer to that issue, we contacted several seasoned professionals and asked them to assist us in determining which technologies are the most beneficial for real estate brokers. The following is an account of what they said.


    Trello is a tool that my team of real estate agents and I depend on since we have a large number of customers, listings, and jobs to manage. It makes it easier for members of the team to communicate with one another while also assisting us in remaining organized and on track. According to Philia, “It gives us the opportunity to monitor and comprehend the comprehensive nature of each customer and listing that we are working on.” Kim Downs is one half of the premium real estate business Phillia+Claire, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


    One of the most difficult issues that real estate brokers have is handling the many internet requests to see available homes. This is, of course, a desirable problem to have. “Agents struggle to keep up with the demand of the requests and often lose potential clients,” says Rina Camhi, who developed the on-demand home-showing mobile app that enables you to schedule meetings with potential clients in a way that is both quick and efficient. “Agents struggle to keep up with the demand of the requests and often lose potential clients.” You may get a free copy of the software from either Google Play or iTunes.

    Base CRM

    Being an agent may quickly become stressful since you have to work hard to remember all of the responsibilities and specifics of your position. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is something that a lot of agents choose to get so that they can remain on top of things.

    “I use Base CRM because it enables me to import all of my prospects, handle tasks for them, and connect without any complications with Google Calendar. It is possible for me to keep tabs on when prospects and customers open my emails so that I can determine whether or not they are truly reading them. If the context of an email may put a transaction in danger, such as a customer alerting me that funding fell through, the system warns through push notification, which is a terrific feature.

    For example, the system informs me if a client notifies me that financing fell through. I can quickly react to difficulties and resolve them,” says Ivan Ciraj, the owner and operator of IVAN Real Estate. “I can also do it in a timely manner.” Try out Base CRM risk-free with our free trial.


    You no longer need to make a hasty return to the workplace in order to scan crucial papers. CamScanner enables you to use the camera on your mobile device to scan anything and then convert the scanned image to a PDF file. After that, you may make the papers seem very clear by using intelligent cropping and automatic boosting. CamScanner may be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store.


    Utilizing your smartphone, you can easily run fast estimates and calculate closing expenses for buyers and sellers. Because the app is filled with local county-specific title rates, closing expenses, lender fees, and city-specific property tax rates, the estimates are quite precise. Additionally, the app comes with a lender fee calculator.

    Additionally, “The buyer’s estimate app is accessible sans any title firm branding, so I can use it without the headache of being sold to,” adds Scott Parman, a buyer expert in Kansas City. “I can use it without the difficulty of being sold to,” says Scott Parman. PalmAgent is free to download and use on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, desktop PCs, the Kindle, and the Nook.


    You may develop feedback loops with customers and other stakeholders in an online workplace by granting them permission to create to-do lists for customers, create and share documents, begin and monitor discussions, and manage tasks and progress. The feature that is most handy, according to Bunni Longwell of Keller Williams Realty in St. Petersburg, Florida, is that “buyers or sellers may sign on the fly, using their mobile device.”


    Directly from your mobile device, you may download, examine, modify, and annotate files before sending them in a protected manner to your customers or coworkers. This application may be downloaded for nothing on both iOS and Android.

    “Of all the applications and software tools that I have used, abandoned, and those that I continue to use, I would have to say that is the one that is absolutely necessary for keeping me organized and sane. provides me with a list of the emails that I have subscribed to, and I have the option to quickly unsubscribe (which is the greatest part) or to continue having them sent to my inbox. Or, as a close runner-up, I may aggregate all of the digested emails from my subscriptions into a single elegant email. According to Jo-Ann Sloan, who works for Coastal Property Group in Florida, “I can still see my favorite subscribers, but they don’t bog down my time or email space.”


    Docusign allows customers in the real estate industry to securely sign documents from any mobile device and from any location. There is no need to fax, overnight, or otherwise wait for papers to be delivered.

    What do you consider to be the most beneficial use of technology in the real estate industry?
    The members of our panel discussed and provided us with the following list of the most useful technologies for real estate brokers. In the frantic real estate market of today, what real estate applications and technologies have you found to be most helpful in making your work easier? Please leave a remark below with your absolute need.

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