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3 Ways Top Real Estate Agents Leave Comfort Zones

    3 Ways Top Real Estate Agents Leave Comfort Zones

    Some of the most successful real estate agents working in the industry today are well aware of the significance of stepping outside of their comfort zones in order to develop and maintain lucrative client relationships. It is not the ideal method to increase your earnings to become trapped in a rut and stick to the same techniques that have only brought you mediocre success. Instead, set yourself the task of getting used to being uncomfortable and learning to embrace taking risks.

    Here are some suggestions for going outside of your comfort zone provided by top-performing real estate agents and brokers.

    1. Embrace social media

    In the current environment of the real estate market, avoiding social media is not a viable choice. Even if it means they have to spend some time in the beginning without knowing what they’re doing, the most successful real estate agents find a way to master social media and embrace it as part of their business.

    Shelton Wilder, who has made waves in the real estate market on her own terms, stated that when she first began out in the business, one of the things she did to push herself outside her comfort zone was to create an Instagram account for herself. In addition to this, she vowed to launch a weekly video series that she would utilize to engage both her existing customers and potential new customers across all of her social media channels.

    “When I initially started doing that, it was incredibly challenging, but now I do it every week. My position on Instagram as an expert in real estate has grown as a result of my commitment to maintaining a consistent presence there. Because of this, I have been able to put myself in front of prospective customers, giving them the opportunity to learn more about my character and assess the level of dedication that I have to the real estate industry. In addition, it illustrates that I work on my company each and every day,” she stated.

    2. Focus on Referrals

    It is possible that persistently pursuing recommendations from individuals who already know you or previous customers would make you feel embarrassed. Nobody likes to create the idea that they are being too aggressive, do they? However, it is common knowledge among the most successful real estate brokers that word-of-mouth recommendations are a significant driver of business.

    According to Fallane Jones of The Property Girls Team, they have made the decision to automate a larger portion of their company so that they can devote more of their time to creating high-quality leads.

    She said that “we are automating the majority of our procedures and internal systems so that we have more time to concentrate on the one thing that is the most essential to our company, which is our sphere.” “In the past, the majority of our company’s revenue came from web leads.

    Internet leads are infamous for having poor conversion rates and are not necessarily loyal to the person who provided them. Your sphere of influence already knows and loves you, and it represents an untapped source of business and recommendations.

    Your sphere, on the other hand, is something that takes time to build, and it might be uncomfortable. Because I’m afraid of coming off as “sales-y” when I talk about real estate with my friends and family, I’ve never taken the initiative to do so. Jones believes that the fear of being rejected by someone they know is also a dread for the majority of agents. “I think that fear is a fear for most agents,” said Jones.

    In the end, she believes that the initial concern was worth it because of the high-quality leads and the valuable professional experience she gained. She said that “there is no question that working with the people you already have a connection with is so much more fun.”

    “There is no doubt that working with the people you already have a relationship with is so much more pleasurable,” When someone in our sphere of influence recommends us to their relatives and friends, the individuals we meet already have a greater degree of confidence in us. We are able to spend less time explaining how we will provide value and more time going above and beyond what they anticipate.

    3. Present your expertise

    There are some individuals who are naturally gifted at branding themselves, while there are others who struggle to express their narrative and make others aware of their skills. Amy Herman, who has worked in the New York City real estate industry since 2002, has been mentioned in a number of prominent newspapers to establish herself as an expert in her area. However, she was aware that the next step for her would be public speaking, which was something that she despised doing.

    She stated, “I needed to break through and speak to influential people as I look at my boss who does it all the time and people truly value when an expert in their field presents information and answers questions from an inquisitive audience.” “I needed to break through and speak to influential people as I look at my boss who does it all the time and people truly value when an expert in their field presents information and answers questions from

    Therefore, the subsequent time she had the chance to speak in front of a group of people and offer her expertise, she seized the opportunity. “I received a lot of support,” she added. “It was very nice.” It came as a surprise when I was requested to talk once again the next morning on the topic of celebrities purchasing and selling their real estate.

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